Jumble: Waste of energy

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Sustainable Agriculture seeks to use natural resources, like plants and soil, in a way that will help them be more healthy, and regain productivity [1]. It seeks to do this in a way that will help us now, but won't hurt us in the future, and in a way that addresses both natural and human needs [2]. To make Sustainable Agriculture work, we need science, that is obvious. To help make plants and soil more healthy, we need to know what is wrong with them, and how to fix it, both of which require scientific reasoning. However, although it is important, we can’t rely on just science to fix it. We also can’t make one solution and expect it to work all the time. We need to go to a region where a specific problem is thriving, for example, if there is a region with very hard, rocky soil, and ask the farmers what they need to fix it, not try to push a solution on them that they don’t know what it is or may not be able to pay for. We need to use science, and outside-of-the-box-thinking, to make up specific solutions for specific regions that are not too taxing for the farmers to pay for and do.